Career Opportunities

This week I’ve put aside issues of being feminine as the last seven days has been all about business and ambition. I’ve written a couple of posts before about wanting to leave the rat race and go self employed. I’ve also written about learning to trust again and the need to tell people things without the fear of ridicule.  Learning to trust in my own abilities is quite difficult but I’m getting there.

Last week I went to a Business Start Up seminar. Three hours of speakers who can offer lots of help in setting up your own business. As expected the guy talking about tax was very dull but the company he was from are offering a free no obligation meeting on a one to one basis to ask more questions. And boy do I have questions! I can do Maths if I sit and concentrate but it’s dull and I can usually find far more interesting things to do instead. Such as having all my teeth pulled!! So going forward once I start this little adventure I think that it will make more sense to hire at least a book keeper (or try and enlist my mum to do it!) otherwise I’ll end up in trouble.

We had a very interesting talk from Leeds Libraries about the support they offer including more specialised shorter workshops. I’ve signed myself up over the summer to ones on marketing and how to effectively use social media. Far more fun than tax J They had a lot of talk about intellectual property. I’m not an artist but I have an idea about how I want my brand and logo’s to look. Hopefully my son or a friend will make my ideas into a usable design so I need to research this further as to who it would belong to. Although I suppose if I pay them a fee for services then hopefully it will mean it is mine.

While this was going on I started thinking about my business idea. It started off as knitted scarves and accessories with some beads, blossomed into a million other things before settling on an idea that I’ve been playing with for over 5 years now (and this is where I start to get honest about things I want from life and stop fearing people will laugh at them).  Way back then I spent a lot of time thinking of ways to work for myself and came up with the idea of wedding planning. I may be divorced and useless at love (Hey I’m J-Lo in that film I’ve not actually seen J ) but I adore the idea of weddings and the happy ending. I spent time with a friend swapping ideas and making plans. For her I think it was some escapism from every day work life but for me I’d got a note book filled with all the ideas, I’d done my research. I’d even talked to a Muslim friend about how Asian weddings work so I could appeal to everyone. And then it all fizzled out. I started on my downward slide and she is one of the people I now sadly no longer have contact with.

But the little idea has never gone away. I’ve recently started knitting a wedding cake for a friends wedding. Which has started me off on the theme again. I had hoped I could knit more cakes but it’s been very intricate and time consuming I’m not sure a sensible cost would match the hours put in. I do think though that wedding dolls would be sweet, a little something quirky to last forever so I’m playing around with designs at the minute. I also plan to change my colours of beads to those more suited to wedding colours. I get to play at helping create someone’s magical day and make some money while I do it. Hopefully this is now my way forward. It’s very exciting and I feel like this is exactly what I should be doing with my life.


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