Every Day I Write the Book

The other thing to take up my thoughts this week has been my writing. I started writing again last October after stopping during the bleak years. In a rare moment of asking for help I spoke to a woman on one of my Open University courses as she has had a couple of books published and she very kindly gave me copies of some creative learning course materials as well as becoming my mentor


Since then in spare time I have started making my way through it as well as writing this blog. I enjoy doing it and I get a real sense of achievement from finishing something.


I also started a blog about Family Trees but haven’t had the chance to do much with it and after discovering my family have stayed in the same area for over 300 years (so far) rather than going on a voyage of discovery to far flung areas, my plans to write about the research is evolving now into picking out one or two characters and seeing if I can tell their story.


One thing finding out that your family have always lived in the area you come from has brought about a feeling like I should do something in the community I come from. Looking around we have little festivals, my estate ha a residents association and there are a lot of groups designed to fill the district with flowers and greenery. While all of these seem interesting they are not “me”. However I think I’ve now found something that is.


South Leeds Life is a community blog/magazine that is all about the local area. It’s a free publication and relies on volunteers to keep it going. This would allow me to do something for the community whilst still practising my writing skills. I have to fit it around work and study but even if I can only write a couple of articles a month it is still something. I’ve signed up for their community reporters course that will get me started and then we’ll see what follows. Anything that helps me become a better writer before I embark on the writing the stories that are in my head


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