The Road to Well-Being

Health & Healing Festival 6/7th July – Leeds Elland Road

This is my 3rd Health & Healing festival in the last 12 months. I love going. I remember as a teenager going to what was then known as psychic fairs and having my cards read. Back then before depression kicked in I was also learning to read the tarot & palmistry with a view to treating my friends to readings. At the time I had the interest but not the knowledge to do anything with it.

These last 12 months that learning has been re-awakened. I’m in no rush, the fairs have been enough and I can see a few paths I can take with my own journey but as yet have made no decision which is the main one.

This weekend’s fair came after a horrific week of stress, fear of falling back down the depressive rabbit hole and illness. I was exhausted, fed up and constantly in  tears. But after the last visit when the psychic read my body language more than the cards and left me feeling miserable this time I was determined to try and not let anything show. This time I had a more positive experience and got to talk to people who were interested in my spiritual journey.

It’s not only psychics that attend these fairs. There are usually talks from various people.  You can buy jewellery and crystals. You can get advice on nutrition and healthy living. I usually avoid these. I’ve no desire to live on over priced milkshakes. However my friend convinced me I had to listen to a talk on how to live on chocolate and lose weight. Sadly she didn’t advocate a life of Mars Bars but rather making your own chocolate from cacao beans and chocolate pudding with chia seeds. My own diet is fairly healthy; I don’t eat red meat and keep an eye on calories. I do need to lose weight and this seems to be the best way for me. Tasting some home made raw chocolate and pudding, I found it horrible. It was earthy; the pudding was crunchy with the seeds. It was definitely not for me and I will stick to calorie counting. However my friend gobbled it up and was last seen spending £17 on the ingredients to make her own chocolate.

It’s also possible to talk to people about exercise. A form of dance called Nia, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong were also there as stall holders. And then there are the alternative therapy practitioners. Still feeling washed out and on the recommendation of my tarot reader I opted for some Reiki, a first experience. She explained what would happen and invited me to lie down covering me with a sheet. Occasionally I felt a light tap but mostly I just had a feeling she was stood or sat near certain parts of the table.  Although I could hear the people all around us for the first time ever my own brain was silent. I’m hyperactive or possibly it’s ADHD (I don’t want to be tested), my brain never slows down for a second and I generally I have so much energy I over do things and get ill. So lying there thinking of nothing except how slow I was breathing was weird. Afterwards I felt like I’d awakened from a long sleep. What I thought was a 10 minute lie down was a powerful half hour healing session!

I wasn’t sure at first what, if any, effect as it had but over the next 10 minutes I felt lighter and happier. The feeling of being on the edge of another breakdown had gone. I’m not “cured”. I described the feeling to one friend as being blissed out fed –upness. I do now feel however that this is where my spiritual journey is going to start and have made plan for more sessions but also to attend an Ekhart Tolle stillness session.

So even if you don’t believe in spirits and mysticism these things have something for everyone and you never know what journey you may end on once you have been.


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