Sherlock Holmes – Sign of Four review

Taken from my spirituality and happiness blog It’s all about the yes

It's all about the Yes

Continuing the pre-module reading the next book in my list was the Sherlock Holmes story The Sign of Four. I watched the BBC adaption first on DVD. On my first attempt to watch it, I wasn’t feeling very well and fell asleep part way through. On the second attempt I spent most of the time playing on the internet. It mostly played as background noise. I’ve tried to figure out why this was. I love the Robert Downey Jr films, I love the new BBC series, I have even grown to love the US re-make Elementary so why couldn’t this one catch my interest. It seemed like a decent little show and on the occasions I did tune back into what was on my screen I could follow the plot quite easily. I wonder of the modern versions have made this one seem out of date.

I switched to the…

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