Melancholy Blues

I got a bit giddy with the re-blog button. This was originally posted about 3 months ago.


It’s been a fairly quiet week; I’ve had one of my melancholy moods where I haven’t really been the life and soul of the party. But you know I’ve an epic battle of depression to beat – there’s bound to be off weeks.

I’ve still tried to do some new things this week though and stretch myself. Following on from a conversation at the previous weeks knitting club I started a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. There are several websites out there that help you create these lists. The one I picked has the above 101 things plus several others such as Things to do by so-so age and in the next 10 years. Have you ever tried to set yourself 101 goals? I have enough problems normally trying to work out what I want to achieve that day! However with a bit of thought and with a bit of stealing other people’s ideas (it’s allowed!) I’m up to 71. I’ve got a few new crafts to learn like crochet and soap making plus exercise goals like running a charity race. Plus reading Stephen Kings Dark Tower series and Watch 26 movies beginning with each letter of the alphabet that I haven’t seen before. Should be fun so your goals can be whatever you wish them to be. I’ve 994 days left and completed one target – the 50 questions from my last post. It’d be nice to say I’ve completed the lot in the 2.5 years I have but who knows where life will take me in between that time??

This weekend should have been a pamper day at the local spiritual centre but the first day of spring in England brought a weekend of heavy snow and lots of bad jokes about it still being winter. There’s currently a Merry Spring postcard doing the rounds of Facebook complete with Santa’s sled. I hate the cold at the best of times even more when it interrupts my Spring!

I’d been looking forward to the pamper day, several treatments such as Indian Head massage and Reiki plus some tarot readings. But as my little housing estate was completely snowed in there wasn’t much we could do. Still the day wasn’t a total waste as I got to finish making some Easter gifts and watch a load of taped TV  I normally wouldn’t have the chance to do. There’s a lot to be said for PJ days. I don’t do them enough either.

My spiritual story has been printed for people to vote on. Feeling confident I’ve also entered a Knitting writing comp – just a tale of knitting with someone and some pictures. Plus the rabbits I made yesterday are also up for a competition to win some balls of wool. Maybe one day I’ll have the confidence to enter something for a bigger prize! But everyone has to start somewhere.

Week off work this coming week and possibly linked to that my mood is already better than this time last week despite the snow. I’ve lined up one or two things to do which should give me lots to write about next time including trip to the home of Shakespeare – Stratford Upon Avon

Oh but let’s end on an uplifting note. While typing this up the sun has come out & under the dulcet tones of Bruce Springsteen on my itunes I can hear the birds chirping. Happy Easter!!


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