The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl – Belle de Jour

For the love of Books!!

Finishing this book I was left thinking about a very serious issue; which is the more sexier – Colin Firth’s wet shirt in Pride & Prejudice or Michael Fassbender in his nightshirt in Jane Eyre??

And there lies a huge problem I had with this book. Written 200 years before “Call Girl” the other two books were of a time when a woman didn’t even kiss a guy until they were engaged and even then it was shocking. So a modern reader really has to use their imagination to see the hidden passions. In today’s MTV/fast food way of life everything is often given to you with no thought at all and this book fits right in.

There’s nothing in here to actually make you use your imagination, the reader is told everything. I’d say in great detail but she doesn’t even do that. It’s all quite flat and for…

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