It’s not all Gin & Roses

Family Ties

Well maybe a little bit of gin…

In the 48 hours since my last post a lot has changed in regards to finding out more information on the mysterious 2x great grandma Annie and her parents. Thanks to my friend (and regular contributor for which I am always grateful) Ellen and some very kind people at RootsChat website I now know that along with Thomas Huntsman as Annie’s father her mother was called Jemima Bray then Winter & finally Huntsman

I had enough additional extras to know these details will be right despite not having paper confirmation in form of birth certificates. Sadly putting it all together does not give a happy story.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Jemima Bray married her sweetheart James Winter at the age of 18, had 3 sons to him but by the age of 22 he was dead. She then went on…

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Having the Time in your Life

It’s been a crazy couple of months but yet I don’t seem to have achieved very much. Stress has taken over most of the late summer partly from home life and partly through work. You don’t always realise until you come out of it at the other side how bad the stress can actually be.

And in the middle of all that my Open University courses have started. I decided that I was going to do 90 credits this on top of working full time. I had the idea of dropping a day’s work to cope with the workload but that was delayed for reasons beyond my control. So far for the last month I have worked all day and come home to study all night with very little gap in between. Work/life balance has been replaced with work/study balance with no life at all.

This imbalance is negative in so many ways. With your health you can feel so tired and weary but mostly I feel like I’ve stopped having fun. I enjoy my courses but don’t seem to be going out anywhere anymore. I’ve been down this oath before with the depression but at least these days I know the signs and can act on them quickly.

Thanks to a well timed cheque from a recent PPI claim I have been able to re-apply for part time hours and now only have 2 weeks left of working full time. The non working day is going to be put aside for fun whatever form that may take – day trips, learn to dance, go shopping, creative work (bead making or writing), update my blog! and maybe even sitting on the couch just reading all day. But the most important thing is to learn to relax and use the day in a positive way.

It’s so important to get the balance right. I’ve fallen down a lot this year and it’s my goal to put fixes in place over the coming weeks. Make sure you do the same and stop once in a while to smell the flowers 🙂