It’s not all Gin & Roses

Family Ties

Well maybe a little bit of gin…

In the 48 hours since my last post a lot has changed in regards to finding out more information on the mysterious 2x great grandma Annie and her parents. Thanks to my friend (and regular contributor for which I am always grateful) Ellen and some very kind people at RootsChat website I now know that along with Thomas Huntsman as Annie’s father her mother was called Jemima Bray then Winter & finally Huntsman

I had enough additional extras to know these details will be right despite not having paper confirmation in form of birth certificates. Sadly putting it all together does not give a happy story.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Jemima Bray married her sweetheart James Winter at the age of 18, had 3 sons to him but by the age of 22 he was dead. She then went on…

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