Saying Goodbye to Facebook (or at least this week…)

2014 – the year of taking back my life, bit by bit

It’s fair to say I have an addictive personality and according to my doctor possibly un-diagnosed ADHD as well (I don’t want to go through tests to find out although some reading on the matter backs up his theories). At times this can all be quite positive as the need to avoid being bored means I will often to say to new adventures however scary.

But then like the girlfriends that can’t let go of past loves (oh wait, done that too!) I find that sometimes I keep doing stuff just because it’s there. My natural (estranged) father is/was an alcoholic and his son (of all the many kids my parents have amassed since me the only one I felt anything in common with) is/was a drug addict. Terrified of ending up like either of them I’ve been very careful over the course of my life to avoid drugs and only ever drink on a social occasion with other people. There’s enough alcohol to stock a bar in my house but I never touch it. 

I make up for it by being addicted to useful stupid things like Facebook (and bad food but that’s something to write about another time). I first joined Facebook in about 2006. It was all new I had a different set of friends. We posted daft messages that only we would understand and lots of pictures of nights out. Then I added lots of people I went to school with and people from work. I have regularly culled people from my friends list but still have 200 “friends”. I use quote marks as I probably interact with maybe 20 of them. Two or three close friends and maybe a handful of those from school that I speak to on there but not in real life. I spend more time looking at pages with memes and funny quotes that I do anything else on there. Most of my current every day friendship circle don’t even have it. It takes up ages from my day with no positive results. 

I thought about the grand gesture of “I’m leaving” but I know me too well and will probably end up having a sneaky look to see if anyone has actually developed an exciting life while I’ve been gone. So I’ve decided to do it a week at a time starting today. No logging on this week. My phone is set up so I can update a status by text should I want to and any event notifications also come through via text so it’s possible to use it without ever having to well…use it! 

I did think of keeping the account open to be able to run a craft page for a proposed self employment venture but I’m so busy with work and study I don’t have time to update it. That’s something for when I’m ready to take a bigger leap and not a good enough reason for hanging onto the account

And then once the cravings for funny cat pictures and other peoples food have abated I can close it quietly and with no fuss. 

There are lots of changes to be made in 2014 and all I hope for the better. I keep addding to my list as I go along. This seemed like an easy one to start with. 



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