2014 Positivity Works

2014 has got off to a flying start after I decided my only goal this year was to reclaim my life and start living more. The goal actually follows on from some work I did on myself last year in which I started dressing more positively, I put myself forward for a job I’ve always wanted and I took the first step in finally beating my financial demons. We’re only mid way through January and already so much has happened. Allowing positivity into your life and really believing it when you say this is going to be your year. I spoke to the bank and have consolidated all my debts into one large loan with an end date. Credit cards are cut up, overdraft is cancelled. That’s it, if it isn’t in my bank I can’t spend it. Despite reassurances from the bank adviser that the balance is lower than many he has seen the amount of debt in total was a horrid amount to me. It’s a rude awakening to see the totals in black and white but at least now I can watch the balance go down knowing that in a certain amount of time it will be gone. And he managed to save me money on a monthly basis too. So now I can ignore that and concentrate on other things. I joined a new book club, part of my goal to meet new people and get out there more. Looking at the self help books we’ve been reading for book clubs I know my fear is rejection. I spent so long pretending to like other things so that people would like me when I really didn’t like what i professed to. Then when I did start being truthful to myself I found I couldn’t tell anyone else in case they rejected me. I know this was all a problem in my head only but once there it is really hard to get rid of. So far this year I have done small things that have had a huge impact. I put my picture on my social media profiles. I created twitter and facebook pages for the radio shows that myself a friend run. For that’s a huge deal, putting myself out there and letting people seeing the real me and knowing what I am involved in. And guess what? No one ridicules, people seem to be enjoying our pages and I know the shows are well received. It gives encouragement to do more. With the new book club I’ve written before about the quest to work out my spirituality and what I want from it. This book club is a spiritual one. It’s always scary walking into the unknown to do something new but these were the most welcoming people I have met for a long time and I really enjoyed myself. I think this is the start of yet another set of great friendships. Oh and the new job started this month is shaping up to be everything I hoped it would be. Wonder what the next few weeks will bring??? My other blogs https://kirstywhite33.wordpress.com/   all about the yes and being positive http://travelpalooza.wordpress.com/    Travel http://kzwhite.wordpress.com/   family ties


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