Moving On Up

In mid January I wrote a blog all about how positive the year had started. And it carried on that way for another couple of weeks until the beginning of Feb when everything seemed to go wrong. There’s another blog about it but I found out my natural father had died. This was followed by the stress of having to do two university assignments on top of my job, a virus then the death of my uncle! A lot to deal with in one month for anybody, even worse if you have mental health issues.

Several years ago a month like that would have floored me. I would either have lost the plot completely or just done what I had always done which was fret I had no one to talk to about it before pretending there was nothing wrong and burying the pain. It’s no wonder I broke down.

However this past month has made me realise just how different a person I am now. I have good friends to talk to;- some will make me laugh, some let me talk and cry, some were just down to earth and no nonsense helping me make decisions. Different friends for different mood swings. I’ve also spotted the good things in life which I would not have done before. Little things like walking to walk on a sunny day, laughing during my two book clubs. The discussions we have at book club from Building a Boyfriend to Adult adventure playgrounds complete with no-kids-allowed bouncy castle. Going to the theatre, seeing The Lego Movie and laughing like a five year old. Going to the medical museum and well…behaving like a five year old!

So even though it’s been bad, it could have been worse. But there’s always a bright side to life. I’m so glad I found mine

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