April Month of Positivity – week 1

A few months ago an old school friend had the idea of counteracting the negativity on his social media timelines by trying to have one positive post each day and try and get others involved. I decided that this month I’m going to try and do the same. I’ve so far completed the first week and one of the things I’ve noticed is that it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint the positive moments. You expect some major event each day and that simply isn’t realistic. What you eventually realise is that sometimes the positive moment is just the realisation that you have got through the day without any negative thoughts. Anyway these are the results of week 1:

1st – A work day – the usual issues of working in the community, travelling halfway across the city for customers to not turn up. However turning that on it’s head I’m not tied to a desk. I spend the day at an employment event meeting new people. I get home and my dad’s birthday present has finally arrived and my son has cooked my tea. 

2nd – Another day another part of the city. The relationships with the Providers I work with are growing – they’re adding biscuits to the tea they offer me 🙂 This is the first time in months where I haven’t had to worry about course work and I can make the most of catching up with TV shows I’ve been recording.

3rd – The whole day is positive – travelling to Bradford for a training course, bonding with new colleagues and despite the training being about drugs and alcohol awareness we have fun. Plus the staff lay on pizza for everyone at lunchtime. After work is the monthly meet up of my former work friends and a trip to Yo Sushi. Not a good day for the diet but a brilliant day for relationships

4th- One of the best decisions I ever made was to look at my work-life balance and stop working Fridays. Despite money being tight I love the lie in, the ability to get the little jobs done, being able to relax with studying rather than cram everything in after work. Today after the hairdressers for some pampering I go see a friend in hospital and meet another bunch of new people 

5th & 6th- the weekend. I wrote a blog (the one before this one) about the weekend after blowing away the cobwebs of the past few months with some rigorous spring cleaning. So therapeutic. I also knitted two scarves. That sounds more productive than it is as scarf wool builds really fast and can be done over a few hours watching TV

7th – a Monday and back at work. This is one of those quiet days where life just moves along at it’s own speed and nothing much happens. However my team are so rarely in the same place at one time sometimes it’s nice when we can get together (even if only in one’s and two’s) and share stories. Sometimes then you can see that your frustrations are shared and you’re not alone. That’s what I’m taking from that day. 

So nothing ground breaking but even on the most stressful days there’s always something small you can take from it rather than dwelling on all the negatives. And then you find that you start doing it without thought and that’s the most positive thing you can do. 


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