April Month of Positivity – week 2

Another week, another attempt to find something positive in every day. I’m a bit behind with this as we are actually closer to the end of week 3 but have actually just been enjoying some quiet times and relaxing. So…

8th: – A meeting with St George’s Crypt to put together some joint working. They run a homeless shelter and food kitchen and we are going to attempt something together from the end of the month. I’m also still buzzing from the positive feedback of the first positivity week blog. The twitter link was re-tweeted several times and I got some interesting new followers from it. 

9th: – My work annual review! I started a new job in January and it’s gone really well. It’s a new team and a new initiative so there’s still lots of work to be done but it’s going well so far. I’m also starting to build some trust with my customers. The majority of them have been homeless at some point and a lot are in supported housing with key workers so trust is something that does not come easy to them. I’m slowly but surely working on that. And then to top off a great day my son (who wants to move into part DJ work) had someone donate practically everything he would need to set up in business to the charity shop he volunteers at and I was able to buy it all or him for £20!! An absolute steal 

10th: – More trust built with customers. This makes my job so rewarding. I also managed a small but satisfying target of clearing finally my work To Do list. 

11th: – A quiet day where nothing really happened worth writing about but at the same time nothing bad happened. It was a Friday so no work, I got my course work up to date and watched some TV. Not exciting but pleasant. 

12th: – This day didn’t go so well as I found out that the issues in my bathroom couldn’t be fixed and I will need a new one. However the support I’ve had from my father trying to fix things has been much appreciated. I also managed to get another study chapter read putting me in front for the first time of the whole module

13th: – A rare day of relaxation where I had nothing to do except read. This hasn’t happened in so long I’ve forgotten how much I used to enjoy it. 

14th: – Work was stressful but from a positive point of view I managed to help a few people move forward and get the benefit help they needed and deserved. 

So all in all a quiet week in which there may have been more things to talk about had I not left it so long to type up. But I think the most important thing to note is that by continuing to try and find something positive in everyday the negative thoughts stay away. You don’t always have to live life at full tilt, sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back, relax, watch some TV and read a hood book. Not something I can do every week but it’s good to recharge your energy levels sometimes. 


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