A day of so many mixed emotions

So this is week 4 of being positive and the final week with a blog attached to it. It’s been an interesting ride and no matter how horrid there’s always something good to find in a day. Today for example has been a difficult day where my feelings have been all over the place. There had been a fatal stabbing in one of our schools yesterday and while sad and shocking these things always feel remote as they are news stories. I arrived at work to find the victim was a friend of my manager and a colleagues wife worked with her too. Two people on my team affected, devastated. What do you say to them? How do you comfort someone over such a mindless act? But it brings the event close to home and makes things so much more real. We all cried today, there were lots of hugs, our team came together and bonded.

But then today is the last day of university for my son and that’s the good news. I’ve written about him before, he was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum as a small child and told he may not be able to do many things. Today was the final proof that if you want something you can achieve it: even if it involves tears, tantrums and hard work. His group have a photo exhibition of their work coming up. I’ll post a link, anyone in the Yorkshire area please feel free to share and go along to see some fantastic work. (even if I am biased!)

I also went to my first job club (as an adviser) at a local homeless shelter. St George’s Crypt in Leeds, a fantastic support network for many of our homeless. Shelter, the opportunity to change your life around, no judgments just support. And just as important as a roof over your head, some food. My session was to take place during the lunchtime event, struggling people coming in for a warm meal or just a cup of tea. My event took a little break for 20 minutes during this time for Opera North to come in and entertain. How cool is that? I forget her name but a young girl coming down and playing a viola recital. Just because life has taken a rough turn doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate some culture and they (and me!) did appreciate it. I was people watching during the event and I could see people react to tunes they may know ending with everyone joining in with The Beatle’s track When I’m 64. The whole thing was so heartwarming and I’m glad I witnessed it. And I get to claim it as being at work!!

Seriously though these places do such good work and I hope to be able to support them more in the future. I met some wonderful people today, some service users, some people who had been through the homeless system and come out on the positive side with their own homes and now jobs who come back to offer support and an understanding that no one else would understand. Then there’s the regular volunteers and staff.

For details of the photo exhibition please follow @danWhite1993 the details are on a photo link.

Or look for Dan White photography on Facebook.


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