April Month of Positivity – Final week

So my last post went a bit off topic and didn’t feature any of week 4 at all! But sometimes that happens and you just have to go with the flow.

So Week 4 of being positive! I was on leave from work all this week and wanted to do something about my perceived inability to go anywhere on my own. I had been putting it down to anxiety or defeatism and I think looking back on the week I most likely had simply forgotten how to do it. I’ve spent so long focusing on being sociable, building friendships I’d stopped doing things solo.

22nd – The joys of a coffee catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in months, Can’t get more positive than that! Oh and I found £5 on my waterstone’s card so got to buy a new book for nothing! Free things are always a positive 🙂

23rd – I took myself off for a cultural day in Leeds city centre taking in the Henry Moore Insitute and sculpture gallery (bit boring!) the Art Gallery (much more fun followed by a cup of tea at the beautiful Tiles Hall gallery named for…it’s tiles! I was on my own, I had my book (crying over Darcy’s death in public in the book Mad About the Boy not so positive but quite funny). The positivity continued when I found out I was on 6 different twitter lists. I must be more interesting than I think 🙂

24th – Day out to Nottingham. Just a beautiful sunny day pottering around a new city. I saw the castle, England’s oldest pub, the Arboretum and flower garden and the gallery of justice (I love old court room museums). Probably the furthest I’ve been on my own in a few years. No fear, no anxiety I was actually quite excited and ended the day feeling more like my old self than I have in years.

25th – Chill out day recovering from all the walking. TV books and finishing some coursework

26th – Another day out, this time to Hepworth gallery in Wakefield to see famous sculpture and a photography exhibition followed by finding 4 Roald Dahl books for £1 in a chariry shop. I want to build a small collection of classic children’s stories and these fit onto my shelf quite nicely

27th – A very quiet day preparing to go back to work. Trying to be good, I packed my bags and even made my lunch for once. These are positives that don’t happen enough!

28th – Back to work, not as many emails as I’d dreaded.

So there you go, 28 days of positivity and re-learning to love the world again. Hope you enjoyed this little ramble through the month and have a go yourself.


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