Understanding Autism, Guest Post by Diane Christiansen

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Growing up, Diane Christiansen grew up with dyslexia. She’s now a published author who writes about children with special needs. She also speaks to parents and teachers about learning to celebrate those things that make our children different and her journey with her son and his ASD. Below is a guest post that she kindly wrote for me.  Tomorrow I’ll share my thoughts of SNUB Club. Save the date: May 10!


Understanding Autism
by Diane Christiansen

Autism is a word that I thought I understood. I had taken a psychology class or two in college and I can remember documentaries about children with autism. Flapping of the arms, nonverbal and never attending typical school. But what I didn’t understand is that autism is on a spectrum which means that there many ways that it can present itself in a child. When my son was diagnosed with autism I was…

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