Positivity notes

MY latest Facebook post. I liked it so much I thought I’d share it with you:

I did my FB positivity bit the other month but despite the death of my work phone, the melting (sort of) of my laptop so I’ve been without access to stuff most of the day but
1: My demented employment life coaching worked on my son
2: I got told by a girl with severe mental health issues that I’d made her day by”getting her” and trying to find ways to work to her needs rather than make her work to my style
3: From next week I get to ogle rugby players…I mean work at the job club at Carnegie Stadium for a couple of hours (ahem…)
4: Got a homeless guy one step closer to having a home
5: Got the final bean thing to be able to have a free cuppa at Macdonalds
6: Got yet another customer registered with a library card (they should pay me commission)
7: I spend so much time outside waiting for buses I’ve got a lovely tan.
8: Despite light hearted moaning I love this weather
9: Helped a woman with interview techniques for her first job in years after a breakdown
10:My son just bought me a Magnum ice cream 🙂


Notes to my future self

Yesterday was quite an interesting day with the annual Mind Body and Spirit event at Elland Road. This was my third year attending and normally I would have my cards read, buy some books and listen to some talks. Seeing as I’m still waiting for my mystery stranger to appear I decided to look alternatives and try and learn some new things.

First we stopped at a stall that offered taster Soul Person Report taster sessions. The lady at the stall explained they created reports about your whole lives past, present and future based on your birth name. As my name is a derivative of Christine (the name of the exhibitor) I actually ended up with a brief showing of what my report would be. Typing in the name I was born with rather than the name I use now. Some of it made sense: that I am creative, can be analytical. The bit that confused me was that according to this report some of the challenges I may face in life are being power crazy and having a messiah complex!! I’ll admit to being a sore loser but have always been one more interested in being part of a team than running a team. Part of me is tempted to pay for the full report so they can explain where that could come from. The full report also includes ways of helping work on challenges whether that is teaching you yoga, meditation or helping with reflexology or a number of other treatments. Their centre is apparently quite close to me so it’s something to consider.

Next up I spoke to a woman who offers Future Life Regression rather than Past Life which made an interesting change to see. I’ve always been slightly wary of being hypnotised probably of seeing to many showbiz versions in bars and clubs however this was fun. We spent 5 minutes or so meditating and relaxing then I had to picture a crystal castle. Inside the castle was an elderly gent guiding me to an escalator up to what my life would be like in 5 years time. In my head my old man was my late grandfather. Once at the top of this escalator I had to enter a door I’d been visualising and discuss what I could see there. This is where the weirdness started as throughout the whole time we did this my body felt split in half. Through this door things were darker. I could see a classroom with a tweed wearing male teacher writing on the blackboard but couldn’t see what the words were. Going forward to another door this was very light, rose-quartz coloured and I was the one writing on the board to a group of people. Again I couldn’t see anything about them. Both experiences were happy ones, nothing felt scary. I’m halfway through a degree and while I don’t want to be a teacher I am exploring further study and looking at possible goals such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching. So under hypnosis this seems to be what my subconscious chose to focus on. I still don’t understand the dark and light and think I will definitely explore this a little more

I actually have an introductory course in NLP on Wednesday so again I imagine all this will play into what I saw but I do find it fascinating.
So no handsome strangers for this event but I did get to learn a little bit about myself making it a worthwhile visit

Soul reports – http://www.earthcentre.info
Future Life Progressions – http://www.happytivity.co.uk