Positivity notes

MY latest Facebook post. I liked it so much I thought I’d share it with you:

I did my FB positivity bit the other month but despite the death of my work phone, the melting (sort of) of my laptop so I’ve been without access to stuff most of the day but
1: My demented employment life coaching worked on my son
2: I got told by a girl with severe mental health issues that I’d made her day by”getting her” and trying to find ways to work to her needs rather than make her work to my style
3: From next week I get to ogle rugby players…I mean work at the job club at Carnegie Stadium for a couple of hours (ahem…)
4: Got a homeless guy one step closer to having a home
5: Got the final bean thing to be able to have a free cuppa at Macdonalds
6: Got yet another customer registered with a library card (they should pay me commission)
7: I spend so much time outside waiting for buses I’ve got a lovely tan.
8: Despite light hearted moaning I love this weather
9: Helped a woman with interview techniques for her first job in years after a breakdown
10:My son just bought me a Magnum ice cream 🙂


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