Positivity breeds positivity

It’s been a couple of weeks since I went to the Mind Body & Spirit fair where I had Future Life Progression and finally started opening up about my arts cafe/society dreams amongst other ideas.  I’ve discussed it with a number of people and everyone seems quite enthusiastic, offering ideas and support.

Work is also going really well. I’m overloaded with referrals to support unemployed customers and with my existing ones I’m starting to see good results with people moving forward and moving into work.

I’ve found though that being optimistic and positive about not just the future but life as it is now has bred even more positive results. Some of it may just being in the right place at the right time but I think if you are feeling positive you are more likely to actually see things that are available instead of glossing over the fun stuff in negativity.

So in the last couple of weeks I have entered only my 2nd short story writing competition after deciding to be brave enough and give it a try. I’ve another story to write for a different competition. Doesn’t matter if I don;t win, the fun is in the creativity. I spotted a tweet looking for reviewers with a small publishing house, it’s a voluntary position but I decided to email them and see what happens and guess what? They have accepted me. I get free books to read and then write about for their website.

Finally myself and a friend have been looking at ways to get our recorded book clubs out to people. We originally were part of a local community radio but that has since ended and so we’ve decided to record as normal and switch to you tube. So coming soon we will be broadcasting on our very own youtube channel. Today has been spent picking the next few books and topics and my friend designing logo’s. It’s all coming together quite nicely and I’m looking forward to what other positive adventures life will bring.


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