Positivity in Action – NLP

So trying to continue my blog a day while I’m on leave I’ve been thinking about what I could say today. I’m not sure I can pull out 500 words on sitting in my PJ’s reading a medieval crime story (Chris Nickson – Crooked Spire if you want a good read) so I thought I’d write a little bit about trying some NLP/Life coaching on one of my customers.

This girl has been unemployed since around April and while she sees it as a very long time compared to several of my customers it’s not long at all. She’s been through a period of homelessness and depression and is now struggling to find work. She unfortunately cannot go back to her old profession in call centres as companies that use these are now insisting on credit checks for everyone, even in jobs that have little or nothing to do with finances. It’s an easy way to sift out applicants when often several hundred people are applying for a handful of jobs but it’s not fair on those who are penalised for small mistakes during the recession and are probably more qualified to do the job than those with good credit.

But I digress. She has looked at switching to an admin role but needs experience. For the job centre (who I work for) to gain work experience you have to be under 25 (she’s 28) and recent attempts at gaining some voluntary work in a charity has so far taken 3 months with lots of promises but no start date. So you can see why she’s lost all motivation. She has been at the point where she saw herself as unemployable. As she has lost motivation of getting a job as her goal we’ve had to think of a new plan so I thought I’d try some of the ideas I’d picked up on my introduction to NLP course.

Chatting about her friends she mentioned another thing getting her down. In around 18 months her group start turning 30 and are wanting a big trip to Las Vegas to celebrate. Without a job she would not be able to go and she was feeling alientated again by not being able to join in the fun planning. So we’ve changed the goal to holidays.

Think of a goal, something that you really want to achieve? Las Vegas

Ok so how are you going to find a way to go?

You could see the cogs whirring in her brain and her verbal musings went something like this:-

“I need to get a job but I can’t go back to my old job and I’ve no experience in admin so that’s out BUT I did used to work in a bar so I could try that again and I’ve done waitressing so I could look at that again and I like to chat to people and bar work is a little like retail so I can try that which means I can look at coffee shops and stuff like that”

I barely had to ask any further questions. We did also talk about visualisation boards and for her to maybe get a board and put on the things she really wants which included this trip and learning to drive.

This is only last week so she is still unemployed but one nice thing i discovered was looking at her online file she had been into the office and a note had been placed saying how positive & motivated she sounded and she had even secured a couple of interviews

For my employers she needs to get a job but for myself and this girl just switching to a different goal should very shortly result in the same outcome. Sometimes all it takes is a little out of the box thinking and a switch in focus. I love this idea of NLP and changing your way of thinking and it’s a course of training I want to explore. If it results in putting more smiles on faces like this girl then it can only be a good thing


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