A little good news story – more universe giving back

I wrote the following post a few weeks ago and there has been a lovely update to add to it


I’ve been on leave from work for two weeks since I wrote the post. I’ve spent this week trying to get in touch with the girl mentioned and struggling. Today by sheer fluke she happened to be on my bus. I hadn’t spotted her (I see very little on a morning. I was not made for early starts!) and until she called me over.

– I’m on my way to work she shrieks.

How fantastic. Turns out she had done what we discussed, keeping her milestone birthday holiday in the back of her mind she went to open up her jobsearch a bit more and joined some agencies for the first time. One invited her  and registered her offering her 2 options to apply for – a job in Wakefield or one closer to home. She picked the one closer to home. On Friday they rang her and told her she didn’t need an interview, they were just going to offer her the job! And could she start Monday

Even better, as mentioned in the earlier post she had mainly been a customer service operative and wanted to move into admin but didn’t believe she had enough experience. The attempt at NLP had been to try and change her viewpoint to a more positive one. She arrived on Monday expecting to do a customer service role to be told it was actually an admin based job. I’ve just written a post about how if you if you think good thoughts, believe you deserve them and can do this then maybe the universe will respond in kind and here’s another story that back’s this theory up.

So now she has the opportunity to save for that holiday with her friends and I couldn’t be more pleased for her.


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