When the universe gives back and the positives roll in

I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing over my career for ages now. I know I don’t want to be a civil servant for much longer and I also know I want to work for myself but then I get stuck on what I’d do. I did entertain the idea of owning a tea shop and despite having quite a few discussions about it recently I think it’s still a pipe dream until I have savings. So what to do in the meantime and what am I good at? I thought about starting a bead and jewellry making business and while I enjoy making small pieces I’m not sure if I would have the patience to do it day in and day out. For now then it’s just a money making extra.

I’m good at helping people and I enjoy it. So I’ve been looking at life coaching courses or returning to the counselling path I had to give up. Whilst on holiday I saw a course that mixes counselling with holistic practices that looked just perfect but the only place in the country that does it is in The South-West – many hundreds of miles from my home. So then that left the question of what to do next. Thinking about it provided the most extraordinary events

– I wondered what to do about my house. Discussing the course and thoughts my friend, who is thinking of moving, offered to rent it should I move

– Out of curiosity I asked my senior manager how easy it was to transfer and she said it’s a matter of filling out a form and she would happily agree with whatever I said

– That just left funding the course and a move. And into my inbox pinged an email saying there is 2 months worth of overtime available starting now. But I work part time and need to work an extra 5 hours per week before I can get overtime rate. Up pops my senior manager again – Oh just do some bits on a friday for 5 hours & I’ll sign it off. You don;t even have to come into work, you can do admin and emails from home.

It’s like every obstacle I could think of is just melting away. It’s quite spooky.

As if that all wasn’t strange in itself on our holiday my friend and me were discussing the Ruby Wax book Sane New World and how we we would love to have seen her when she came through our county touring the book. Last night at an event we saw a poster advertising her tour and not only was she coming back our way but to our town and in 3 days time! So asking about tickets (as many of the events had sold out) someone had returned 2 tickets in prime seats just that day!

I feel at the minute that I may have picked up some lucky clover or something. But maybe it’s just if you think good thoughts, believe you deserve them and can do this then maybe the universe will respond in kind. In any case I’m buying a lottery ticket this weekend 🙂


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