Anyone for Chocolate

So they say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I’m currently at day 21 of eating no chocolate so things are looking good.

I’ve always had a negative attitude with food starting from early childhood. And as an emotional eater chocolate has often played a large part in my life. When Im bored:chocolate, when I’m tired: chocolate, when it;s raining:chocolate…

I’ve tried to give up many times before during various diet attempts but usually going cold turkeymeans that I cave after just a week. I tried giving up for lent two years ago and I was doing ok until the Easter Eggs went on sale. The pure torture of seeing Percy Pig chocolate every time I went in M&S nearly did me in. By the time Easter Sunday around I had a small stock of chocolate and all the good work was undone in minutes.

But three weeks ago I was sat making my weekly food shopping list when the little voice in my head that says “Go on, eat the chocolate” (you know you have one too!) had a change of heart and said instead – there’s a fruit and nut bar in the fridge, when you’ve eaten it I think then we’re done.

And I ate it and I’m done. I’ve not touched any since. I’ve not craved it. I’ve had bad days when instead I’ve dealt with the issues without binge eating. Don’t get me wrong I’m still not a food saint. I had a week away and had a piece of cake every day (I also walked for miles so I think I earned it) not to mention some Haribos. I’m not sure though what has promoted the food shift, why suddenly it doesn’t matter and the cravings are gone. I wonder if it’s a subconsious thing. I’m working of simplifying my life so is my subconscious taking steps to help? Is that even possible. Or am I just bored of chocolate? Is THAT even possible????

Whatever it is I’m curious as to what happens next? Will my inner self decide it hates diet colas or even cake? I guess we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Anyone for Chocolate

  1. I try to control my chocolate habbit with one chocolate sandwich a day. The combination with bread keeps my sweet tooth satisfied. I am not sure I could give up chocolate forever, like you did. Well done!

    • I don’t like chocolate sandwiches. I’m a bit funny in that I’ve always liked chocolate bars but never anything like chocolate ice crream or mousse. I’m no saint though – I’ve still had cake 🙂

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