2014 in review and all its Positivity

It’s probably a bit early to be doing a year in review but as it’s something that’s been on my mind this weekend I thought I’d write it all down. My son has had a nightmare year and suffered his own mental health problems. We were sat yesterday looking at the positives rather than negatives. Despite a breakdown and another near one he has come out the other side stronger and has learned quite a lot of lessons about himself. He’s currently rebuilding his life through voluntary work and attempting the ’92 challenge’ – trying to visit all 92 football grounds in the main leagues and if possible seeing a match at each. This week he had to research travel and hotels and find his way to Yeovil on a 24 hour trip. And he managed it, making a new friend on his way.

So what about me? I am a bit over sensitive. Not only as a mother but with friends. So if they suffer I generally suffer. Its one thing I can’t help and have grown used to over the years. Along with my son, the closest ones have had a rough time and all you can do is hope for the best for them and try and find ways to help.

But this is about positives so what good things have happened. One of the most exciting is that after years of trying my friends adopted. For me I have a happy friend. I also get to spend time with a beautiful intelligent little girl who I can spoil and watch grow. One of the happiest days of this year was simply spent playing peek a boo for the afternoon.

My twitter page has really taken off. I use it mostly for my blogs and book reviews. These have been successful enough that some authors have asked me to read their books for review. How delightful is that – to be specifically asked? I know they may ask many people but I don’t care about that bit. They have asked me.

A side effect of that is I’ve been sent quite a few free e-books and a paperback. One of my comments is to be published in the next paperback of one particular author.

My Open University degree is ongoing. I’m now in my 4th year which is astounding. I never thought I would get this far. I have attempted to start a degree 3 times before this one and never got past the first course so I am very proud of myself. This year I am doing creative writing so along with reviewing other people’s work I am now making my own which gets critiqued by peers and tutors on my course. My first piece gained a distinction which has boosted my confidence no end.

While not taking part in Nanowrimo I have tried to write as much as possible over the month and am 9500 words into my first ever attempt at a novel. It’s also my first attempt at a romance story.

And then there’s my job. I have finally found a job that I love and while it tires me out with all the travelling I wouldn’t swap it for any other job in the company. My only criticism is that I work for the government and would rather not. So I’ve been researching options to do similar work but as an independent person. It’s probably going to mean some more studying but I feel up to it. I spent a week in Glastonbury really thinking about life and enjoying the atmosphere and came back with lots of ideas.

Along with free books me and my friend who co-authors the HelenandKirstyreviews wordpress account have been looking at what culture we can experience for free or very little money. So far this has involved Shakespeare in the park, opera in Millennium Square and a night light extravaganza in Leeds city centre. We have seen top quality London plays for the price of a cinema ticket (and at the cinema) and hopefully be sampling lots of tasty cupcakes in aid of a local charity later this month.

And all that is just off the top of my head. There may be other things I’ve forgotten but looking back the good far outweighs any stress. I don’t really celebrate Christmas but am looking forward to two weeks off work to ready myself for all the good that 2015 is going to bring.