Extreme shopping, mental health and donating

One of the larger goals I mentioned in my 2015 post was to move house. As that’s quite a big goal I need to have several smaller ones to achieve it. For a start the doors are so old they’re falling apart. Several have tons of layers of paint left over from the former owners love of gloss and my laziness to strip them down and fix them. Others are just  badly fit (thanks ex-husband) so they need replacing. I also need to change my lovely colourful walls into some kind of beige nightmare as apparently that’s what sells so lots of paint to buy.

There are a couple of other odds and sods to get to tidy it up as it’s an old house so I’ve got my ‘moving fund’ tub all ready to start saving.

I also intend to have a good clear-out and see what can be sold, donated or thrown away. Yesterday I started on a cupboard as I thought there were a few coats that could be donated. It became an interesting experience as I found coats I didn’t think I still had. Sadly they aren’t winter coats but they are in good condition so will do for giving away. I found two that haven’t been worn in over 4 years (probably haven’t fit in that long either) that like I say I thought had gone long ago. And then I found another that I don’t remember buying at all. i checked with my son as it’s a bit of a unisex design and it doesn’t belong to him.

So I have a coat that no-one wants to take ownership of. It’s most likely that in my darkest pre-breakdown days when I developed an addiction to shopping thinking that the brief buzz from some shopping would make up for the fact I was so miserable. I spent a lot of time on ebay spending hundreds on items I didn’t really want, constantly rebidding trying to get that happy feeling. I imagine the coat came from then, was put in a cupboard and forgotten. So now hopefully it will end up with someone who can get some wear from my money,

So a bit of space in my house, some people to benefit from it and the realisation of how far I have come from those dark days.

2014-12-07 13.49.32 2014-12-07 13.49.55


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