Weight loss incentives & pretty jars (and a spot of Maths)

The picture below is inspired by my weightloss leader. While most people start (and end) diets in January I decided to start mine at the end of November. I’m not very good at diets even though I need to lose a lot of weight. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs using food for emotional purposes linked to mental health, boredom and to punish myself. I really need to break these habits and get better.

I lost 5.5lbs but gained weight over Christmas leaving me with an overall weight loss of 2.5 lbs. However that still makes me 2.5lbs lighter at the beginning of the new year when normally I would have gained 4 or 5lbs. So I start the year in a good place.

My clubs’ leader put up a Facebook post of 2 pretty jars with marbles in. One marble for each pound she still needs to lose. I wanted to do something similar. I like the idea of one jar going down to match my weight loss and the pounds lost jar going up. But as I need to lose quite a bit of wieght rather than spend a fortune on marbles I’ve opted for using dried pasta pieces.

I need to lose a minimum of 4 stone. The last time I was less than that was before my son was born and he’s now 21. It would still leave me a little bit over the healthy weight limit but I really can’t imagine myself that slim so this target seemd like a good one and should (when!) I succeed I can look at how I feel then and any future targets.

So 4 stone equals 52 pasta pieces – 112 when you look at it in half pounds. As Weightwatchers counts those half pounds I counted out my 112 pieces. As I am 2.5lbs smaller than before that meant i could put 5 pasta peices in my jar straight away which was a nice feeling. WW has weight targets which I will work for but there are so many pieces in the jar to start with I can’t get the lid on. So my first jar target is to lose enough pounds to get that lid where it should be not teetering on the top of my pasta mountain.

I need to put some pretty labels on I think though so I don’t get the two confused

It’s a bit of fun to help the goal on it’s way. So even if I have a slow week and only lose half a pound I can still add that one piece of pasta to the ‘lost’ jar. I think it’s a great visual aid to help me as I go along

2015-01-06 18.14.33


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