Weight loss incentives & Pretty jar update Week 1

So through the week I posted a picture of my pretty weight loss jars full of pasta pieces as a fun way of keeping track of pounds lost. I am happy to say that in the first weigh in of the weightwatchers year I got to move 3 pieces (1.5lb equivilent) into the pounds lost forever jar.

Not sure if I could do a diet blog every week. I’m sure there are gonna be some weeks when nothing remarkable happens but I’ll see how things go and blog when I can. It’s been an interesting first week of the year. Last week I bought a diet journal and as well as tracking your food intake it asks you to set a couple of goals & for some diet priorities. I said I would track all my foods (I did until Thursday then forgot), not eat any chocolate (success), Stay out of coffee shops when in the middle of town between appointments (partial success. I went in the shops but stuck to a cup of tea – no cake!) so not too bad.

I know I need to exercise but as one of my 2015 targets is to finally sort out my finances this year meaning I can’t spend on anything essential (WW classes are essential as I need the support. I’ve spent 20 years failing to do it on my own). This means that money on exercise classes are out of the equation.

So I need to start and find some willpower and do something from home. I need to look at free or cheap options. Obviously wlaking is one of them which if I get off my backside and do it should lead to running. As one of my other goals is to talk to more people online – responding to posts etc – I joined in a discussion on a spirituality post which was about yoga. One lady kindly told me about some DVDs that she would recommend. Having a look each one is £15 which is a bit pricey but is actually the same price as only 3 exercise classes so might be worth it.

The other positive thing I did this week was to try something new. Reading a crime novel where one of the main characters was obsessed with cooking vegan food. In need of some comfort food on Thursday & thinking of the book I ended up in a lovely vegan cafe in town and had the most lovely leek & potato soup I’ve probably ever had.

So that’s this week. I’m not the perfect dieter as you can see. There are weeks when I’ll do well and weeks when I don’t but hopefully this time I will persevere and finally end up so much more healthier as a result


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