Weight loss incentives and Pretty jar update Week 2

So 2lbs lost this week and 4 pieces of pasta for the pounds lost jar. Still can’t get the lid of the ‘pounds remaining’ jar but it’s flat now and hopwfully won’t be too long until I can fasten the lid on properly.

Last week we had to set a goal we wanted to achieve by 4 weeks time. Some had simply put to lose some weight however small that loss may be. Some wanted to be at a certain target. I put that I wanted to lose 3lbs in the 4 weeks to achieve my first half a stone loss. My weight loss this week means that I only have a pound to go in 3 weeks to meet that target. I did think about setting something else just for myself but as I have an issue with self-sabotage I decided to leave things as they are.

This week I’ve been tackling an issue with impulse chocolate buying. A few months ago I gave up chocolate for about 8 weeks. This is before I joined WW. Despite the huge amounts of chocolate I can consume it didn’t have any effect on my weight mostly becaus ei swapped the chocolate with cake! Not the best thing to do.

I have a terrible problem of whatever is going on and I pass a shop it’s ‘Oh I’ll buy some chocolate’. So I’m in a bad mood; passa shop buy chocolate. It’s raining;pass a shop buy chocolate. I’m happy; pass a shop buy chocolate. So I’m trying to make a concious effort to not buy any when I’ve passed a shop. Especially because I don’t really want it. I bought it because there was a shop nearby.

On Wednesday I had to go itno the supermarket. We’d been talking about the Cadbury’s creme egg scandal (very important!) and I saw them in the shop. Did I really want them – no but the old me would have bought one anyway. I came out with a gossip magazine. Still not great but at least it won’t make me gain weight!

Thursday though I had an urge for sugar. I tried the magazine swap which didn’t work so I tried a bottle of diet cola. That didn’t work. About 8.30pm I gave in and bought a Mars Bar. So I’m not denying myself anything just thinking before I do anything. Sounds so simple doesn’t it??? But it isn’t always easy to do these things when you have a negative relationship with food.

But I’m learning. It’s about reeducation. It’s about learning to love yourself and also just asking what’s more important. At this minute I feel better & more positive than ever and I think it’s showing 🙂


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