A Day in the Life – original poem

Well tomorrow’s diet blog can be summed up with the following: When you bump into a former friend of your evil ex-husband, binge eating a packet of chocolate hobnobs is probably not the best way to deal with it. I didn’t even enjoy them in the end and will probably pay for it at the scales tomorrow. The support from friends was far more satisfying over the following couple of days. So hugs not biscuits need to be the way forward!

This blog was started to see the positive in life and taking chances so here’s a poem! It was written in response to a recent Open University tutorial and we had to write about an event(s) of the past week which happened to co-incide with the arrival of snow. This is that day summed up in 3 stanzas. Hope you enjoy it x

A Day In The LIfe

‘Snow joke, lost again.

Trudging a mile

in the crunchy white stuff.

Me with the wrong place,

She with the wrong time

Two drowned rats looking rough.

Go see my golden boy.

Housed after a year on the streets.

Smile, he is happy.

Feeling safe and ready

to start his life again.

Looking for work now, my cheeky chappy.

Ah The Palace! Five pound

wine bottle with my name on.

Waitng. Along with friends.

Glass not empty for long.

Laughter, gossip,warmth and love

The perfect way for my day to end.


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