Getting out there and Moving on

At the beginning of the year one of my resolutions was to start getting out more, going to places and going back to saying ‘yes’ to offers as they came my way. It’s worked before and so far, 5 weeks into the New Year it’s had amazing results.

Not all of it may sound good on the surface. A few weeks ago I went to a housing organisation for an appointment and ran into the ex-best friend of my -ex-husband. The meeting brought back some very bad memories and caused a fair bit of upset. However I spoke to a couple of people, talked about my feelings and moved on. This is something I could not have done a few years ago and actually showed me how far I’ve come from my old self. So although not something enjoyable but it did show me some positives.

Then I started working at a new job club. There I saw an older guy that looked very familiar. To cut a long story short after some conversation around old pubs and drinking grounds the guy turned out to be my late father’s cousin! Someone who I last saw around 12 years ago and then only for a short while at a funeral. This in turn led me to finally contacting my half sister who’s number I’ve had in my phone for a long time without contact (you know what it’s like, you mean to do something then life gets in the way then the next thing a year has passed).

Anyway we are now linked up on Facebook, planning a coffee catch up and I have also done the same with my half brother, yet another one I had originally lost contact with. You put it out there to the universe that you want to let people in and look what can happen.

I also decided to join the local book clubs. These have been around for years and are run and co-run by some friends but I hadn’t either the time before or the confidence to attend. I have been to a few events with them before though which led to the funny (to us anyway) scenario of my being classed as a regular rather than a newbie when feeding all the information back to the book club head-honcho. I’m a bit of a regular newbie! It’s sweet though to be thought of as a regular and a friend without having to do much work 🙂

It’s a lovely environment at the book clubs, full of wonderful, like-minded people. I’m so glad I took the chance to go properly and have even ended up co-managing one of them!

Not bad for a month’s effort. I wonder what will come next?


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