I would walk 10,000 steps

You know you’re going to be singing the original now all day don’t you?? 🙂

I was determined this week to do well on my diet so for the first time in a good few years I decided to exercise. I’m completely skint at the minute so that means looking for free activities and what is freer than your own two feet.

So I decided to set myself a target for the week of 10,000 steps a day each day for 6 days. The week before I’d had my pedometer on thinking that as a community worker that gets the bus all over I’d have easily managed 10k steps each day. Slightly naive thinking there. To be fair on a Tuesday it’s easy but the rest of the week my day rarely got above 5000.

So I was going to do this somehow. First day I did this was Sunday. Sundays are usually lazy days. I get up, iron, either study, read or catch up on TV and then go back to bed so this was a huge culture change for me. I managed to rack up 3000 steps with the ironing. I turned on Spotify and decided to dance my way through the job. Lots of knee bending, bum wiggling and arm waving. It all adds up.

As the estate that I live on is a little self contained thing with a main road cutting it off from everywhere else I went for a walk round it to count the steps (approx 3500 – a lot less than expected). Walking through the graveyard next to my house on the homeward stretch I forgot where I was. Music blaring out loud I’d been thinking of ways you could make walking more fun including pretending to be on a cat walk and the John Travolta walk from Saturday Night Fever. Passing someone else it was then I realised I had been blissfully acting out my thoughts and giving it my best strut as I went along! Ooops

Monday I needed 2500 to make up my day so I counted the other side of my estate – exciting scenery of B&Q, Aldi, the graveyard and a hill. I still needed a few extra steps so decided to zigzag walk up the hill to get the count up. I really should check for others before I do these things. The man out with his dog now thinks I’m bonkers.

Tuesday & Wednesday were easily filled at work. My busiest days full of pottering around Leeds to various venues.

Thursday I got stuck working from home. By now the idea of getting my steps in was entrenched and the idea of not being able to achieve it was for the first time in my life unthinkable. Who was this person and what happened to my lazy old self??? I ended up wandering the graveyard again (twice). People are really going to start wondering about me soon….

Friday and my final day. Time for a big finish so as I don’t work I went up to the next district and walked home. A whopping 6500 steps in one go. I’ve even bought myself some trainers and am working out a plan for how to move forward and try eeek running

To be fair some of it I think has been to take my mind off of the death of a good friend last week. Ever since I heard the news I’ve been restless so it was also a good way of burning off that nervous energy. Normal procedure whenever I’m sad is to eat. I’m an emotional eater and can find an excuse anytime to stuff my face so choosing to go out walking rather than eat cake is a huge deal.

I really feel like I’m turning a corner. So next week I’ll try and do the steps but want to at least try and run and I’ve also found one of those shaker torture instruments at the back of the cupboard that apparently work on the arms so I’m going to play about. The important thing is to keep going. It brought great results this week and I want more!


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