Get into reading again – part 1 How to stop being a lapsed reader

Leeds Reads

The novel cure: an A-Z of literary remediesAre you one of the UK’s 16 million lapsed readers? Do you ever sit down to read a book?  If the answer is never, and you can barely remember the last time you picked one up, what does it take to get back into reading.

Galaxy Quick Reads’ recent research found that those who read for as little as 30 minutes per week, are less likely to suffer from low mood and are 20% more likely to be satisfied with their lives. A wealth of health and wellbeing benefits are available to those who make time to read, from getting a better night’s sleep (43%), to boosting self-esteem (10%) and helping them feel less lonely (19%).

So what’s stopping 16 million lapsed readers from reading? 42% said lack of time was the biggest reason, yet we make time for social media and TV, so why not books?

Your guide to starting a new chapter:

  1. Try Audio Books


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