Blog hopping

Thanks to the lovely Kirsty Ferry, whose wonderful blog you can find at I have been invited to take part in a Blog Hop. I’ll write a little bit about a few topics then pose those topics to other people. At the end I will direct you to their blogs so you can read all about them as well. They are all worth a look, I promise.

But first, my topics…

First Memory

I have a real problem with repressed memories so this is always a hard one for me. Some of my earlier blogs cover this. I’ve actually just written an Open University assignment on this very issue. The first real memories I have are from my teenage years and are around the fun I had following small bands. I worked then as a chambermaid which being a transient role meant I could easily move around the country depending on where the action was. I got to live in Manchester during the rave era and saw the beginnings of the ‘baggy’ movement and the start of bands like Oasis when they could only fill a 200 people pub. I spent three months in Gloucester continuing the rave theme and learnt how to drink cider 🙂 And I tried to live in London but that was such a surreal experiment it probably deserves its own blog post. Those are memories I treasure. I did lose them for a while but not surprisingly the power of some music & a friend with a near perfect memory herself helped to bring them back.

Favourite Books

Oh gosh! I’m a Gemini and so this changes every week. The first book to ever make an impact was The Outsiders by SE Hinton. Probably the first book to ever make me cry. No matter how many times I read it (and I still do) and despite knowing what is coming it gets me every time.


For me writing at the minute is personal and ‘real’. I enjoy blogging. As well as this one I have a blog for reviewing books and one for travel experiences. I just like sharing my opinions and stories. I’m currently doing the Creative Writing course with Open University. It’s opened my eyes to different fiction writing styles. As such I’m currently attempting a romance novel. I’d never considered it before this course. I’ve a few other ideas so watch this space. Hopefully you’ll get to read them one day


This comes from absolutely anywhere. My romance idea came from an exercise class and my attendance at Weight Watchers! I once wrote a funny short story retelling the take of Noah’s Ark based on a dream. I’ve a sci-fi one to finish that came from listening to some friends who are staunch believers in aliens. If it’s interesting I will put it in my notebook for later use. With my blog I try and share the idea of positivity and a return from mental health problems. Depression is hard going especially on a bad cycle but there is so much good in the world that tends to get overlooked I started the blog to try and show to myself (and anyone reading) that it’s worth fighting the battle to be able to appreciate these things.

Guilty Pleasures.

I have a big love for paranormal romances. I don’t care if others find them cheesy. When I’m down I like to disappear into the fantasy worlds of vampires and Daimons. Chocolate has become a guilty pleasure since I started dieting. Saturdays after weigh in I like to buy my bar of chocolate and eat it whilst watching some fun DVD.

And, for the final part of the Blog Hop, I’m now going to suggest you hop over to see my friends on these blogs:


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