Positive goals and raising money for charity

As I seem to be over the worst of my recent depressive wave and hopefully going back to work in a couple of weeks I thought to encourage positivity and motivation I would go back over the list of goals I made at the start of the year. Some of it is going along nicely – I wanted to raise the number of followers of each of my blogs. That will only happen with productivity so better get writing some more blogs šŸ™‚

One thing I came across was to run a 10k charity run. While I won’t be running for anything other than a bus this year I have siged up for a local cancer hospice’s charity walk. The mIdnight walk lets you pick either a 7 or 10 mile walk – at midnight – in Leeds. It’s one of the many fundraising ideas by Ste Gemma’s Hospice. As I’m still losing weight and not the fittest person I’m going with 7 miles.

My friend recently died from cancer. While I’ve lost a few relatives unfortunately this is the first time since childhood that a close friend has died. Cancer can strike anyone – none of us are immune to it. We should all be checking our bitds and pieces for lums and going to the doctors for any signs of change to moles etc. Sadly despite going straight away after she found a lump on her breast it wasn’t quick enough to save her life.

St Gemma’s Hospice helped her through the last difficult days and made sure she had all the support available.

I’ve added the link to St Gemma’s and our fund raising page. No pressure, no obligation but every penny raised helps someone in dire need



Thank you for reading


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