Life Coaching course

One of my career goals is to be a Life Coach and what better way to learn a therapy than to try that therapy out for yourself.

At our local community college they run several 3 day workshops split over 3 Saturdays so I decided to go along. The first thing we did was to go through a bunch of postcards and pictures and pick out 2 that could represent something we need more of in our life and 2 of something we would like less of. I found this simple but fun. I ended up saying I wanted less burdens (the problems of being a single mum there) and less ill-health (I’m just getting over my latest burst of depression) and more time with friends and time to study. It’s a great way to get the mind to start focusing on issues and desires.

We then looked at the Wheel of Life and again what’s good and what needs to be improved on. Again my family and friends scored high as did personal growth as I do a lot of work on this however being honest with myself my money and love life situations are pants! I love my house but wish it was in a different area. So you can see areas to improve.

We did more work on what drains us and again where we can find things we want more of. One of my answers was simply sunshine. We ended session 1 with an action plan for what to do for the coming week and how likely were we to achieve it.

Week 2 is all about thoughts. We did some work on being in the now and Ekhart Tolle. We built gratitude lists and we spent the afternoon discussing negative self talk and how we stop thinking in positive ways, this time ending the day with some positive mantras to take away.

The final session is tomorrow and will be a mix of all the things we’ve done so far. Every week has included meditation and relaxation techniques.

It’s been one of the most fun and enlightening courses I’ve ever done and I can’t recommend it highly enough. As I attended to see if it’s a career path I want to go on I’ve already come away knowing for certain this is how I want to help people going forwards.

It’s a great therapy. Get some if you can 🙂