The restaurant at the end of your Life

So it’s been a while since I last wrote any blog so I thought while I put together some pieces about the things I’ve been doing lately I’d share some small pieces of creative writing that I’ve done over the course of my recent module.

The brief gven on this one was to write about a meal. This is my attempt 🙂

Mark’s Diner

Today’s the day I get to visit Mark’s diner. I’ve been marking the days for the last two weeks. Well it’s not often you know exactly when you’re gonna die is it? I walk with Pastor Jim; the corridors eerily quiet. The Screws are peering around the corners looking for signs of despair but it’s not gonna happen. The Pastor is sweating more than I am.

I’m infamous. The first man to be put to death in England in fifty-one years after the government brought back capital punishment in an effort to win the election. We are shown into a small room barely big enough to fit the table and two chairs. Some joker has placed a red gingham tablecloth on it. Mark brings my starter: Prawn Cocktail. Big pink slimy looking things covered in sauce. Very 70’s but I’ve always loved it. All that’s missing is a kipper tie and some chord flares

Next up I ordered beef and ale stew just like my mama used to make. Half a bottle of ale for the pot and half for my mama. It has thick brown liquid not quite thick enough to stand your spoon in but close, with big lumps of the finest beef. Well this one does. Mama used to make do with whatever scraps were left from the butchers at the end of the day. Oh crusty bread with lashings of real butter. Make it an inch thick Mark, yes please.

Just look at that dessert. Piping hot waffles, firm not soft banana, vanilla ice-cream starting to melt from the heat of the waffles and covered in lashings of toffee sauce. Oh my arteries! I can feel them closing as I near the end. I think I’m going to die a happy man.


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