We love Pimm’s so much cucumber farmers are doubling crops


Pimm’s O’Clock (Picture: Getty Images)

Prosecco may be in short supply this summer but that’s only because it’s not as well loved as Pimm’s – which is so popular cucumber farmers are having to double their crops.

The humble cumble makes up a key element of the quintessential British tipple.

So with sales of Pimm’s set to rocket during the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the UK Cucumber Growers Association has announced the surge in crops in order to keep up with demand.

And who can blame us? I mean, there’s so many ways to enjoy Pimm’s O’Clock.

Like the traditional jug O’ Pimm’s

(Picture: Pimm's) (Picture: Pimm’s)

Or the brain freeze Pimm’s

(Picture: Pimm's) (Picture: Pimm’s)

How about the Pimm’s that isn’t Pimm’s as we know it Pimm’s?

(Picture: Pimm's) (Picture: Pimm’s)

And Pimm’s on tap, of course

(Picture: Getty Images)

Then there’s posh Pimm’s in a wine glass for those who want to feel more sophisticated

(Picture: Getty)

And Pimm’s with…

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