Letting go of technology

I saw a Facebook post meme today that got me thinking:

“This summer put your phone away for a few days. Make some memories that no one knows about. Make some memories that are just yours”

In this age of oversharing – whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all teh new ones I’ve not bothered to learn it seems next to impossible to have a secret or do something just for yourself. We even photograph our food to share. I’ve been very guilty of this in the past. During times of my worst depression I spent hours on these sites (and the games) losing myself in other people’s lives. The over-sharing can be like watching a soap opera with some people. I’ve spent far too many hours flicking through status updates, pictures of cats and cute babies (ok there’s nothing wrong with the last two 🙂 ).

I’ve found lately though a need to get away from all this. After the crystal courses the other week (see my last post) I’ve taken myself away from the internet at weekends. I still have a flick though, like the odd post and share a few memes but compared to previous weekends I’m practically techno-free. I’ve even found myself going whole weekends with no TV.

I’m working towards paying off debts at the minute (One of my major goals over the next few years) and so I can’t afford to spend my weekends away. Instead I’ve taken to having ‘me time’. Being single with my son grown up means I can be as selfish as I wish to be. So I’ve been listening to favourite music and discovering some new tunes. Last weekend I read three books in three days. I’ve got some jobs done that I’ve been putting off. I’ve spent time with my mum, family and friends and increased my meditation times. I even took my annual trip to Ikea

None of which went (until this post) on the internet. No photo’s to share just some funny stories and quality time for myself and spent with others all of which I’ll keep to myself. I feel so much better for it. Maybe the next step is to step away from the laptop completely for the weekend, no sneaky peaks to see what others are doing. I’ve done it before and I always feel relaxed so it’s definitely something to consider.

It’s something we probably all should do now and again. Switch off from the mainframe and take some time to make memories just for yourself.


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