2015 – half year review

Scarily the time has flown and tomorrow will be the 1st July. Rather than panic over where the last half-year has gone (I feel like I’ve blinked and missed months) I thought I’d dig out the goals I made in January and see what I’ve achieved. I avoided the usual lose weight – join a gym resolution because I make it every year and never stick to it. However! I have lost about 10lbs, I managed 4 Pilates before deciding I didn’t like it. And last week I did actually join a gym. And by join I filled out the registration form and got a card. I haven’t actually done anything with it yet. Oh and for the most part I’ve managed to walk 10,000 steps most days. I should probably not make this resolution more often. I wanted to for some reason talk more on social media. Anyone reading my last but one post will know I’ve actually gone in the other  direction and have talked less. Part of making that goal was linked to another one to get out more. I think essentially I was looking at ways to increase my social circle. I’ve definitely got out more. I joined three book clubs, went back to another that restarted last month and have attended quite a few work shops and meals with friends. A success so far then but one that can always be improved on and you can have fun going to new things. I wanted to increase the followers of my three blogs. For this one by the end of the year I hoped to be at 150. As of yesterday I hit 161 so a big thank you to everyone who reads these posts 🙂 My book blog I wanted to be at 100 – as of yesterday I was one short so on target to hit that at any time. My travel one I wanted to get to 70 and am at 49. Not too bad especially as it’s the one I’ve neglected a lot this year. So I need to make some more posts. I wanted to increase my spirituality and work on training to move into work coaching and healing. That’s ongoing and won’t be complete this year but I’ve started it and it feels like I’m on the oath I should be. Lastly I wanted to take part in a 10k event. While I didn’t do that I did raise money for a cancer charity through a 7 mile Midnight walk so good deed challenge has been met. Overall I’m astounded by how close I’ve come to achieving most of what I wanted to do and six months early at that. So what can I do going forward? I started a gratitude jar that I’ve been neglecting lately so I’m going to try to add to it more often. From tomorrow I’m taking part in a July mindfulness challenge which I’m quite looking forward to as well as gaining my crystal healing diploma. It’s going to be a busy month and I’m excited by what the rest of the year will bring me

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