Life decisions while getting back to nature

As the weather was so nice today I decided to get the bus to Golden Acre Park. I felt the urge to get back to nature and as someone not quite skilled in walking/rambling this is the next best thing.

I’d been reading my daily tarot card which had said that ‘everything I wished for would come to me’ and wanted to meditate on it. What better way to do that (for me at least) than by strolling through the woods.

At the beginning of the year I’d made the decisions to look into training to be a Life Coach as it’s a good follow on from the job I do now. But since being a child I’ve toyed with spirituality and what that may entail. These feelings were put on hold during the depressed years but over the last couple of years have come back stronger and are refusing to go away.

While it’s a path I am now following there is always a bit of doubt – will I be any good, what will people say and so on so it felt good to be out in the fresh air, clear the mind and see what thoughts occur.

The one thing I noticed was how I kept wanting to go off the set paths and trails. At first I wondered if I should spend more time getting back to nature. Should I return to the Lake District (any excuse to go!) or learn to hike. BUt I was constantly pulled in the directions away from the paths.

And I thought it could be a metaphor for life and work. It’s ok to take a different path. Occasionally it may look scary but for me it’s the right way to go and it confirmed to me that it’s the way for me. It doesn;t matter that it’s not the same one as every one else. In fact that makes it more appealing.

So decisions made then. I will probably look at some of the psychological therapies like Life Coaching and NLP as they still interest me but in terms of where my career is headed I’ll take the healing path.


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