Synchronicity, aspirations and realisations

It’s been an interesting week back at work after two weeks off.

Towards the end of the week while reading a book for Spiritual book club (Out of the Darkness – Steve Taylor) that is about people who find a spiritual awakening from a life changing experience such as near death or cancer etc I met a woman who had a spiritual awakening from a near death experience with cancer. Can’t say I got much work done that afternoon but the conversation was wonderful and enlightening.

I had a conversation back on Monday which made me realise something but not until today. During my recovery from depression and the rebuild of my life I decided that I wanted to pick up a hobby/desire from my childhood of wanting to be a writer. Earlier in the year whilst putting together a vision board for my future I added that I wanted to be a published author. During a conference at the beginning of the week we were discussing aspirations. The question we had to discuss was what were our aspirations as a child and did we fulfill them.

Chatting with my colleague I discussed writing and she asked the question of whether I had fulfilled that. I discussed my blogs and how I enjoyed sharing my growth on here (and also on my other blogs although they are less used). The question has stayed with me all turning into the question of whether I want to be published.

Now I’m sure all aspiring writers would like the chance to publish in book form or have regular columns in newspapers and magazines but writing can encapsulate many forms. I’ve a couple of ideas for books but not sure if I am honest with myself whether I would ever have the discipline to write them when there are so many other wonders I want to explore.

I thought also about writing a  book of my spiritual journey but while there are things I’d like to share again I’m not sure if there is enough to put in a longer book and also I’m too impatient to sit and put it altogether when I think actually a series of shorter blog posts would give me the instantaneous results I like and fit in better with what I want to achieve.

So have I met my aspirations? Yes I write, you kind people read my work and I get pleasure in sharing. The internet has opened such an amazing different array of getting the written word out, something my teenage brain 30 years ago would never have conceived. I’m also a much different person to who I was then.

I look forward to sharing more stories with you soon


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