Reasons to be grateful

After a rough couple of days and a two hour plus nightmare bus journey that saw me walking the last mile home I thought I’d try and find some positives and reasons to be grateful to offset the negativity of the day

  1. I am grateful to talk to a woman who has walked in my shoes and showed me there is light at the end of the tunnel even if at the minute it’s a tiny speck. And for also having similar goals that we may be able to put together in the new year
  2. I am grateful that even though all my aches and pains (possible trapped nerve in left arm, sciatica and early onset arthritis – I had childhood arthritis as a teenager and it seems to be coming back in the same areas) I was actually able to walk that last mile home. Even if now I am typing through a fog of painkillers.
  3. I am grateful that when I got home my son let me relax while he made the evening meal
  4. I am grateful that I have one more day at work thena break until January allowing me to shake off a bad year and ease my aches and pains
  5. I am grateful for Monday when I got to spend time with my friends little girl. the laughter of children is always good for the soul

So there you have it – five positives that show that the week hasn’t been as bad as first though x


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