2015 in review and some 2016 goals

I could use this blog to write about the tough year I’ve had; the loss of a friend, debt issues and being ill but I wanted to write this in the manner of the way I intend 2016 to go and that is positively. So I found a little list of 2015 goals scribbled in the back of the notebook and thought I’d see how I managed in completing them and then set something new for the coming year


  • Talk more on twitter. I think maybe I’ve spoken less but with that I also have every now and again taken steps to spend less time on social media as a whole.
  • Increase blog followers aiming for 100 for my book blog (see below for links), Positivity blog to 150 and my travel blog to 70. I ended up with 102 for the book blog, 167 for this positivity one and 53 for the travel one. I haven’t done much in the travel one this year to warrant much of an increase
  • Finish my Open University course and start the last level. I finished my course and then decided to claim a Diploma of Higher Education and study more vocational qualifications instead. I’ll call this one a win.
  • Get out more. Finance issues meant this one didn’t go according to plan. I did manage to make sure I could go to my monthly meal group and my book club but going somewhere new didn’t happen. Still a positive enough result
  • Slimmer/fitter and dance classes. Oh dear! I am exactly the same weight. I attended 3 Pilates classes, 2 clubbercise ones and a boxercise class. However that is more than last year and I quite regularly walk 10,000 steps so again not terrible in comparison
  • Complete a 10k run. Instead I did the St Gemma’s Midnight 7 mile walk and raised £200 for charity. One of my favourite achievements and so glad I did it
  • Learn some spiritual classes. A win for this one. I am now a qualified Angelic Reiki practioner and have completed a Crystal Healing level 1 course. My level 2 has been put back to February but everything is definitely going to plan


  • I want to increase my blogs to 150 for my book blog; 75 for my travel one and 200 for the positivity blog
  • Finish the courses I have ongoing. My level 2 Crystal Healing, hypnotherapy practioner course and one in Life Coaching
  • Start practising these modalities and helping people even if I can only do a few hours a week to start (the long term plan is to be self employed doing these things)
  • Get out more – again. I need to keep to my book clubs and meals. I was thinking of joining a new book club as these are cheap things to do and will allow me to meet new people. Any other cheap recommendations?
  • Health/nutrition & fitness – again. I am currently working on cutting out sugar rather than an actual calorie counted diet. Starting it 2 weeks before Xmas was maybe not the best idea but I have already made some positive changes
  • Learn to budget and maybe get some savings however small using the envelope budgeting system
  • Learn to say no when people ask me to do things that will cost me money. By this I often agree to things that are outside my financial abilities just because I feel guilty saying no and I don’t always feel it’s actually something I want to really do
  • Start preparing my house for a potential 2018 sale. It needs cosmetic paint work doing, some interior doors and one exterior shed door. Oh and a garden gate. It can’t happen all at once but I’d like to be able to say I’ve started it.
  • Do some more craft fairs as I enjoyed doing the 2 I did this year so much

It’s all about the Yes – https://kirstywhite33.wordpress.com/

Adventures in travel – https://travelpalooza.wordpress.com/

For the Love of Books – https://kirk72.wordpress.com/


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