2016 – the year of saying yes (again)

After 3 weeks of feeling sorry for myself it’s time to take stock and think of something positive. That was the whole reason for starting this blog several years ago – to look at the positives in life and see what adventures you can find if you just say yes more. Go through the majority of posts this year and they are about my depression flaring up, stress taking over and giving into financial debt handing everything over to a debt management plan to try and make life easier.

It’s all meant that I’ve spent the year saying no a bit too much. So back to the original brief. The idea was modified from the book by Danny Wallace ‘Yes Man’. In his book he said yes to everything. Now he’s a journalist and has more money than me so I have an edited version. The rules are very simple:-

Say yes to everything that comes your way as long as it’s affordable and within your own moral standards.


It can be from friend invites, fliers through the door or handed out in the street, an email at work (sports & social or requests for volunteering) and so on. The last time I tried it I ended up skiing (at one of those fake snow places) for the first time in 25 years, sharing a small mobile cabin with 10 other people for the weekend and lots of nights out. The nights out may be taking a bakseat this time unless I stick to the diet soda to keep costs down but who knows???

Essentially it’s all another form of manifestation and putting out to the universe that you want your life to change. You can do it with vision boards, goal setting worksheets or something simple like this. At the end of the day you put yourself in a positive mindset and let mother nature take her course. Have a go, you’ll be suprised by how much fun you can have


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