Short stories

I found a few short stories and by short I mean 200 words or so each. I thought I’d put them together in a few blogs over the rest of the year. The first one is a Krampus story for a competition I didn’t enter in the end. Follwed by a mini space adventure and a tale on taking a stand. Enjoy


Olaf was smirking to himself as he walked down the dark pathway to home. Tonight had almost been a disappointment with very little to do until he saw the small straggly mutt looking for scraps near the restaurant. Poor thing looked half starved, he could see the ribs straining against the lean, flea-bitten skin.

“Ideal” he thought to himself scooping the dog up quickly and running off to the tree house where he did his experiments. The dog had lasted a half hour before its heart gave out in fright and pain.

Olaf was lost in thought wondering if he could move from the animals to the annoying brat child that lived two doors down constantly crying and screaming. He wondered about the effect it would have if he simply removed his tongue. Surely it would be an act of neighbourly concern?

He was so wrapped up in the idea of noise reduction through surgical procedures he didn’t notice the dark shape materialise behind him, swirling from nothing into a beastly horned shape. Distracted by his eureka moment Olaf was oblivious until the horns pierced his spine throwing him into the air like a bull tossing a fighter and then everything went black. 


Baird rose while the night still had some blackness about it. It wasn’t quite dawn but he knew he had to get moving or forever be classed a coward. How had he ended up in this position. Five hundred years earlier his however many greats grand-father had defeated his enemy in love at a duel at dawn. Who’d have thought that in the year 2300 he’d be doing the same with Sinclair.

 Sure some things were different. He’d arrive in a flying car rather than a horse. They’d died out in 2019 when the latest bout of “end of the world” gloom bringers turned out to be right. He had a ray gun rather than a pistol. Oh and rather than a buxom wench or damsel in distress they were fighting over a humanoid programmed to be gay. Definitely not something his ancestor could have imagined!

 But some things never changed. He’d been drinking heavily until just a few hours ago, trying to numb himself against possible death. He’d stolen his lover from a jealous abusive Lord when he himself was just a mechanic working on Lord Sinclair’s cars. He’d like to say this was the first time he’d gotten himself into trouble but then he’d be lying to himself.


Sally had had enough. This was the third time this week Jake was missing in action. Working he says. Working pfftt! He was out with that other woman. Which woman she didn’t know but she was sure there was one and this time she was making a stand. She knew Jake worded long hours when she met him. It wasn’t easy for him running his own mechanic business. Working on his own gave him the freedom to put in his own hours but sometimes he forgot that the rest of the world existed.

 At first everything had seemed fine. Jake would work more regular hours and then come and pick her up so they could go out. Sometimes to visit her family, sometimes to his. And lots of eating out. He had a bit appetite and loved restaurants. She loved all the driving around at first. Stuck in a house with her step father, his new wife and her three kids she felt claustrophobic in what was meant to be her own home. There was never any privacy and so she relished being able to get away no matter where it was.

 Then she got pregnant. No matter how much she loved little Robbie, he wasn’t planned and they’d been forced to get married. Not forced as in bullied she thought but it had seemed like the right thing to do. The wedding had been glorious. A hot summers day, she had the perfect dress and felt like a princess. They’d had so many guests she’s lost count. She was sure, looking back that she didn’t actually know many of them. They were Jake’s friends most of them. Some of them were pretty scary looking and she didn’t dare speak to them. Some of the really scary one’s were his own family! The day had been lovely right up until the minute his family started a fight.

 That was three years ago. Robbie was growing up and Jake’s hours at work were getting longer. He claimed he was buying cars to fix up and then re-sell for a profit. But did he really have to be out until 2 or 3 every morning? Then he’d be up again and out by 8 o’clock. It wasn’t just this week, he’d been doing it for months now. He was reluctant to let her go down to the garage, she was sure now that was because he wasn’t actually there. They’d had problems for  along time she knew. If it wasn’t for Robbie she wasn’t sure if they’d have stuck the relationship out that long. They argued all the time. Only the other month she’d asked him to leave but they’d decided to give it another go. And then as soon as they’d agreed that he was out longer every night. Surely if he’d really wanted it to work he’d be back home every night to spend quality time with their little family?

 So she was making a stand. She’d packed up his clothes and was sat waiting for him to come home. This time, there would be no second chances.


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