Merry Xmas and a Hapy New Year

2014 has been a bloody rough year and I will quite frankly be glad to see the back of it. But there have been some good times: new friendships,stronger existing ones and the introduction to the most adorable toddler – all have made it easier to get through darker times and I’m grateful to all of them. They know who they are (and some not on FB)
Looking forward to 2015 – hopefully a house move, trip to see Hamlet in London and a girls weekend down there and lots of other good stuff planned.

The quote above turned up on my Facebook memories today and made me think a bit. 2014 was a ‘bloody rough year’ yet I sat up for hours last night trying to work out what made it so. At the beginning of the year (almost 2 years now) I lost my natural father – a man I’d not seen in over 10 years – to alcoholism shortky followed by an uncle I’d not seen in probably the same time length either. Their deaths still floored me for a while. Death is never easy to deal with and I mourned for what could have been rather than anything else.

But I haven’t the foggiest what else may have upset me. And that got me thinking about how things amy seem huge at the time but will memories will fade and what seems huge this year may not be such a big deal this time in 2016. I thought about this years ups and downs and the downs have stuck out because they were so huge and life affecting but again will I still be upset about them in 12 months time? Probably not.

So time to let this year go and focus on the new things the year will bring, plans that I’ve made and goals I hope to achieve. The bad things will soon be distant memories so time to focus on the new ones

Merry Xmas and see you in the New Year x



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