2016 has started

2015 went wrong in so many areas and left me reeling in ways I haven’t felt in a very long time. There are multiple posts I’ve written about that. I always knew though that if I could just get to 2016 I could restart my life and I kept the date as a talisman whenever I hit a bad day.

So we are just 10 days in and already my belief is panning out. I’m 10 days into reducing my processed sugar intake. So far I’ve cut out sweets, cake, biscuits and take away food. And haven’t missed any of it which doesn’t happen often! From next month I am going to look at amending recipes we use so that I can cut out the sugar from packet sauce mixes and just cook with natural products.

I am working on the envelope method of budgeting and giving myself a weekly spending budget from what is left after all my bills have been paid. Anything left over after each week goes into a pot to be saved for anything needed (after an eye test yesterday the first thing on the list is a new pair of glasses!). I already have £11. Not the greatest amount but based on past performance I feel like a millionaire. Most of that comes from taking my own sandwiches for lunch, not eating sweets and when I allow myself a cup of tea in a cafe using the cheaper cafes rather than the giants such as Starbucks but also bit having that bun with it. Result? £1 for tea instead of £1.85 and £1 total instead of £4 ish with cake!

Then there is my studying. I adore psychology based courses and am learning to be a life coach and hypnotherapist but last year I took a few spiritual courses and ended up spending more time and money on those than the ones that would benefit me in the long run. And a 2 day certificate would cost the same as a 6 month diploma course. I had a good talk with myself and asked if they would really benefit me as fun as they can be? I want to work for myself and while they may work as an added extra they don’t add to what I want to do.

Si I have cancelled all but one of them as I’ve paid the deposit and it will finish off a course I did last year. Everything else has gone except the psychology based ones. I’ve re-done my business action plan and after doing an hours study today realised that if I push myself to do a bit each day this week I will have finished the reading element of my hypnotherapy course by the 17th Jan and can start looking for volunteers to practise on. I thought I was months away! I am so fired up to completing now.

This forward momentum has also resulted in me booking appointments I’d been forgetful with. I’ve used my voucher for some aromatherap massage (try it, it’s divine!), I’ve had my eyes tested, next week I finally get my boiler inspected. I’ve made an appointment to give blood for the first time in 10 years and finally sorted out a hair cut that is a year overdue! Phew.

It’s amazing what a positive feeling can bring about 🙂




2 thoughts on “2016 has started

  1. What a fabulous start to the year you’re having! Keep focused and continue to believe in your goals, dreams and desires! I wish you all the happiness and success in 2016! 💖

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