One month without sugar

I was going to wait til the end of the month to write this but after standing on the scales this morning I’m too pleased with the results to wait.

On January 2nd I started phasing out processed sugar from my diet after reading the Sweet Poison Quit Plan. I tried it for a week before Christmas and enjoyed the challenge so wanted to take it seriously this year. I cut out breakfast cereals; swapping them for toast, crumpets, eggs and fruit. I gave up the obvious cake, biscuits, chocolates and sweets (candy). I decided however that if on the odd occasion I really wanted something then I could have it but to do my best to stick to crisps and nuts.

Everything else would be checked as I went along. I do eat my main meals quite well, mostly making them from scratch so apart from looking at alternatives to packet sauce mixes but we looked online for alternatives. Sadly most of the cook books on the subject are full of fancy meals with expensive items and as a single parent with a debt management plan and an autistic fussy son that won’t work for me so this is something for us to explore more.

The obvious result is a half stone (7lbs) weight loss in just over 3 weeks which I’m ecstatic with. I never lose on diets themselves and this doesn’t feel like one. It’s the clichéd lifestyle change. I haven’t skimped on any meals. Yesterday I had fried egg and chips for the first time in years. I’ve had a pizza.

Things I’ve noticed. The book mentioned that eventually your body and taste pallet would change to make you not want various sugary foods. I’ve found that despite not taking out ketchup to start with I can’t actually stand the taste already.

The book also mentioned that you would eventually get fed up with (sugar free) diet drinks. I’ve found that I’m going off diet coke but developing a taste for sugar free cherryade. I’m not sure why that would be – whether it’s to do with the sweeteners used? Maybe they are different. My son is doing this along side me and he’s found the same thing.

I’ve not missed anything. I did say to myself if I really fancied something I could have it. I will not ever deprive myself of anything & I found that twice I’ve wanted a bit of chocolate. Pre sugar free I could eat several large bars of chocolate a day without noticing it and still have room for biscuits or cake. I expected to have withdrawal symptoms but haven’t. I had those two bars and realised I didn’t miss it at all. I didn’t like the taste much when I had it and I do wonder if I wasn’t so addicted to sugar before that I didn’t like it then either?

Going forward I want to look at more sugar free recipes, play around with fruit and sugar free snacks (I know there is natural sugar in fruit) and keep up the good habits I’m getting myself into. It’s definitely an interesting journey so far.


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