Do you ever smell and old perfume, hear an old song…

or pass an old hangout space… And it really breaks you inside for just a few minutes???

This was a meme I saw just before Christmas and I had an instant response to it.

A smell for me…Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren (the one in the green bottle)

It reminds me of a love affair I never had with a man I never met.

Twenty-five years ago i spent my days working as a chambermaid for a small hotel in Manchester and one particular week we had several guests staying whilst on a works training programme. Each morning I would go to my floor, go into one of the bedrooms, turn the TV to the radio channel (XFM I think) and start the days work. This week I opened the first room at the end of the corridor and was hit by a wave of steam and cologne.

Having only ever dated lads whose idea of metro-sexuality was a quick spray of Lynx this aroma was possibly the most erotic  and manly smell I’d smelt in my eighteen years. Who would wear such a fantastic smell??? It was something to set my imagination into overdrive – I didn’t work in the fanciest of hotels so probably not working for the most well to do company. Cleaning the room I saw business suits so possibly someone older than me (I really didn’t know any office workers back then). But what could he look like? In my idealistic eyes:- tall, dark, handsome with a smattering of curls (always curls when picturing Mr Right!). Maybe he worked out but not too much and keen to move on in his career what with owning a suit and everything.

Every day for a week I cleaned that room, entertaining flights of fancy with this perfect unknown man. Everyday I’d dab a little bit of cologne on my uniform cuff (I was a cleaner – it wouldn’t last a minute on my wrists) to take the scent with me throughout the day. Over two decades later it’s the only male spray I can recognise by smell alone and every time it takes me back to the days of being an imaginary princess waiting to be swept off my feet. And I still cannot resist a quick spray in a department store 🙂



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