Learning to let go with Harry Potter

The other day my friend said she had bought us tickets to a Harry Potter themed night of activities. I really wasn’t sure about going  – what on earth could grown up activities involve?? The mind boggled.

As a teenager I never cared what anyone else thought of me. I was geeky and proud. I knew my tastes in music, books, films and & I was proud of who I was. That all got lost during the depressed years. I hid so much of my true self I became a whole new person. One I wasn’t always so keen on. One that would enjoy my old tastes but quietly and then to the outside world be caught up in whatever was fashionable at that time. I was surrounded by judgement and probably judgemental in return.

These days I am almost back to normal. I am happy again with my tastes in the choices of enjoyment and will happily talk about them but sometimes I find it so hard to just revel in things. Which brings us back to Harry Potter.

My day job brings me in contact with the most deprived & chaotic people in Leeds at the minute and I work with others to help move them forward out of debt, trauma and poverty. Most times I do my job, go home and relax and put everything to one side. Some weeks it’s harder to do. After a day where I had one young girl in tears that she may have her children put into care and another absolutely distraught after being told her kids were to be adopted I found it so hard to let go after work.

So I welcomed the Harry Potter night as a way to break free of the lingering negative emotions of the day. We got to see a bunch of owls up close, one narrowly missing my head as it flew across the book store we were in. We played balloon keepy upsey, threw cork squares at a drawing of moaning Myrtle, Quidditch pong and took part in a quiz in which I realised I really should read the books again. I was silly. I ran around trying to keep a balloon in the air with a fake wand. I realised I missed fancy dress. And I let go of the past worlds, the past day and past judgement.

I really need to do more of it. But preferably sooner than the next HP night in 2017! 🙂


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